Back pain and jaw problems

“I have been going to Lin (or ‘Magic Hands’ as I like to call her) for about six years or more now and cannot recommend her highly enough.  For years I had been visiting Osteopaths and Chiropractors gaining just brief respite from back problems.  I first visited Lin on the recommendation of a colleague after being hospitalised with sciatica whilst on holiday in Tenerife.  How glad I am that I did as ALL my problems were solved from then on including a ‘clicking jaw’ that I had all my life!

“I now see Lin for my regular MOT’s ensuring that one is scheduled before going on holiday!  Please do give her a try if you’re suffering, you wont regret it!” VB, St Leonards on Sea 

Back pain, sciatica and shoulder problems

“Lin was recommended to me about 6 years ago and she has been brilliant ever since, keeping me fit enough to stay in full time work. With the gentleness of Bowen on my lower back (which had been a problem for many years due to 2 crumbling discs and sciatica) the tenseness of muscles disappeared and my hips were re-aligned, this also allowed my shoulders to relax and with some extra suitable exercises I was able to do everything I used to do plus more. I continued to see Lin for regular MOT check ups and this was a great help particularly if I had lifted something incorrectly or twisted during gardening. I will miss this as we are moving away from the area and I thoroughly recommend Lin for her Bowen Therapy.” WW, Bexhill on Sea

Upper back pain

” I came to see Lin for Bowen Therapy in Hastings because I had suffered upper back pain that stopped me doing everyday chores as well as badly affecting my sleep for the past three years. 

Since I started my Bowen Therapy treatments I am able to enjoy all the things I like doing ie gardening, walking, art and living a ‘normal’ life.  I sleep better and am able to relax more – most important is that I feel that I have got my life back.”  SJ, St Leonards on Sea

Stress and leg pain

“Following a long, stress related illness and going through the menopause I suffered stiffness in my legs and hips, particularly the left side. My legs felt weak and I found standing for long a problem. I wanted to return to teaching but felt unable to do so because of my symptoms.  Since receiving Bowen treatments I have greater movement in my legs and I have returned to work.

Bowen Therapy made me realise how much my physical problems were related to how I stand and lift objects.  I now have more energy and feel fitter than I have done for several years.  Even my hay fever and asthma have benefitted from Bowen Therapy.  I also feel less stressed and able to relax.  The fact that I have returned to teaching is a direct result of my renewed fitness.”           SW, St Leonards on Sea

Leg pain following hip replacement

“I had two hip replacement operations in a period of 6 months and suffered intense muscle pain in both thighs. I regularly did my hospital exercises but did not feel that I was making good progress – the muscle pain was stopping me getting about as I could not walk without pain, movement to get into bed and the bath was restricted and I used sticks all the time.

I read about Bowen in the Saga magazine and decided to give it a try as I was in great pain.  I found the treatment very relazing and not at all painful.  After three sessions I began to feel the benefits and have continued having a monthly treatment for a further six months.  I am more flexible, able to walk normally with a certain speed and can now walk up the three flights of stairs to my flat without pain

I appreciate Lin’s patience and inner kindness; I recommend her and the Bowen treatment to my friends who are impressed with my progress – my son also benefited from Bowen when he suffered Tennis Elbow.  I shall have some ‘maintenance’ treatments in future.  Thank you Lin and Bowen!”  EC, Battle

Back pain, Hastings

“I have three damaged discs which gave me severe back pain and stopped me from doing everything I needed to enable me to function on a daily basis.  In the past I have had physio, acupuncture and have seen a chiropractor until I was introduced to Bowen with Lin.  Since then I have been having regular six-weekly appointments to keep me well and have not looked back.  Bowen is fantastic – I am always recommending my practitioner.” LR, Hastings

Tennis Elbow, Hastings

My elbow, which is what was originally problematic and affected how I was able to lift and carry boxes at work, has improved greatly after just three sessions! Shortly after I finished treatment with you, I went surfing for a week and was worried that my elbow would really suffer but in fact it was the opposite. I have the odd twinge if I’ve over done it at work with lifting heavy items but overall it doesn’t cause me problems anymore, which is amazing – and I do feel it was largely down to you. So thank you Lin!” EB, Hastings

Frozen shoulder

“I had a frozen shoulder which prevented me working and playing squash or tennis.  Prior to my first Bowen Therapy treatment I needed steroid injections on a regular basis to keep my shoulder mobile and to allow me to work and function.  Since starting Bowen treatments I can enjoy all types of exercise fully and have lost no time off work.  I have a regular Bowen “top-up” every six weeks and have required no other type of treatment over the past five years or so.”  DM, Battle 


“I was suffering from a bad back with acute muscle spasms and sciatica.  It stopped me playing golf, prevented me concentrating at work and stopped general easy movement, making me feel very depressed.

With the help of Lin and the wonderful, relaxing Bowen Therapy my life has improved.  My concentration returned, my golf and movement are better than they have ever been.  I have become more supple, relaxed and my posture is the best it has ever been.  I have been more confident and relaxed in everything I do and my golf handicap has come down!  Thank you Lin for all of your help and magic hands.” VB, Hastings

Hip, knee, back and shoulder sports injuries

“I was recommended to Bowen by my homeopath three years ago as I was always getting injured from my recreational running.  The injuries were to my hip joints, knees, back and shoulders and stopped me running as I became sick of the pain.

After my first visit my body seemed to rewind, all my aches and pains went away in the reverse order they had appeared.  After four days I felt quite balanced and pain free.  On Lin’s advice I started to swim and cycle as “running is not a balanced exercise” before starting to run again.   

I have completed several running races from 5K’s to half marathons and now compete in triathlon at sprint distance.  Lin and her Bowen technique has enabled me to run pain free and also introduced me to Triathlon, thanks Lin! 

However as well as helping me to run again, Bowen has also helped my Asthma and hay fever.  I used to have monthly reflexology treatments and monthly massage but I find I do not need them all the time I see Lin every five to six weeks.  I call Lin a ‘white witch’ as her treatments are magical, I am so relaxed until I hear the sound of the water bottle which signals I have to get back to reality!”  MR, Bexhill


“I have Bowen Therapy for treatment for Lymphoedema which I had following massive surgery 18 years ago for stage four cancer.   The symptoms prevented me from walking properly, standing still, sitting, lifting, carrying, but I had to carry on as best I could, but with a painful heavy leg from the Lymphoedema aggravated by painful parasthesia from severely damaged nerves. I was allergic to the fabric of compression garments, and so there was always a danger that the Lymphoedema would get worse and turn into a further seriously irreversible condition.  

I was originally referred by the NHS to a MLD Lymphoedema clinic at the Royal Free in London who around 1997 also experimentally treated me with Bowen. At first it did not seem to make much difference to the Lymphoedema (but I was having other treatment for that), but I was amazed when the painful arthritis I had had in my toe joints for 26 years was much easier and I was told that the Bowen treatment could go to where it was most needed. 

Since then I have had great faith in Bowen therapy, it helps to control a condition for which there is no cure.  I have encountered amazing stories of Bowen working for all sorts of conditions when other treatments have failed. I have been long term with Bowen practitioners the latest is Lin, with whom I have been having regular treatment for some years. In addition to controlling my Lymphoedema and preventing it getting any worse, Lin has treated me for an ankle injury, a bad back, a frozen shoulder and assorted arthritis to name just a few!”  CC, Hastings

Neck pain

“My swimming instructor saw that I wasn’t swimming in a balanced way and I was suffering from post viral fatigue.  I wasn’t able to drive very well as my neck movement was so resticted that I couldn’t turn my head around to park my car.  I benefitted from Bowen with Lin straight away as my neck and head movements became fluid and the lower back pain that I had suffered with has absolutely gone. Lin also encouraged me to stop crossing my legs, something I have done all my adult life, and that has helped my back generally.”  SR, Hastings

Knee problems

“I came to Bowen most recently when I suffered stiffness in the back of my knees which prevented me from squatting down in the garden and getting into the bath also proved to be quite difficult.  After one treatment I was able to get into the bath without a problem and gardening was easier.  I have suffered neck problems for many years and my pelvis gets out of position.  In the past I have tried osteopaths and a chiropractor, however, since having Bowen Therapy I find the treatment more gentle and regular visits every three months keep everything in check.”  RDW, Bexhill 

Multiple Sclerosis

“I have multiple sclerosis and the lack of energy and general MS symptoms prevented me from completing general tasks with ease.  After my first Bowen treatment there was a definite improvement in energy levels.  Because energy was restored to a certain extent my sense of well being improved and stress levels went down.  This resulted in the relaxation of muscles and tendons.  I have found that Bowen Therapy restores balance, eases muscle contractions, which aids my mobility and that my energy has increased.”  SR, Hastings

Jaw and shoulder pain

Initially I came with long-standing shoulder and jaw pain, which I have to say, was really getting me down. I had tried other therapists but no one seemed to be able to help. In three Bowen treatments with Lin I became virtually pain free for the first time in months, my jaw stopped clicking and I regained full movement of my shoulder and arm.

Since then I have a regular top up treatment every 6 weeks and have found that an added benefit of Bowen is that my sleeping has improved – I now get a full nights’ undisturbed sleep.

I have to say that Lin is the most skilled therapist I’ve met and when coupled with her friendly, supportive approach I find that I’m always looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Lin for all your help.”  DB, St Leonards on Sea 

Back and foot pain

“I work as a self employed bricklayer and unfortunately the nature of my job brings many aches and pains that can prevent me working.  Since having Bowen with Lin I am free from the acute discomfort I was experiencing.  This is a truly remarkable treatment.”  TR, Hastings

Back and knee pain

“I suffered back ache and knee pain which stopped me from gardening and walking the downs.  Since having Bowen Therapy with Lin I have been able to resume 85% of what I used to do, which is very good for my age at 83!   

I would recommend anyone to have Bowen treatments, it is so relaxing as well as achieving good results.”  JJ, Eastbourne

Back pain

“I put up with back pain from many years working in the building industry and this prevented me from moving freely.  I had other types of treatments that helped for a while but since starting Bowen the pain has completely gone.  I started Bowen several years ago and I continue to go for treatment every few weeks even though I am now free from pain because I find it also helps with stress.”  JH, Hastings

Lower back pain and shoulder injury

“I had been suffering from constant lower back pain for several years but since having received Bowen Treatments I am a lot more supple and the pain has been much reduced.

I have found the Bowen Therapy experience a very positive one, it is very relaxing, pain free and treats the whole body.  I have also been treated for a shoulder injury following a fall from my horse where my neck movement was restricted.  I can now turn my head to the left without pain.”  SS, Rye

Frozen shoulder

“I had a frozen shoulder which prevented me from raising my left arm fully.  Since having Bowen treatments I have been able to raise my arm fully.  Having put my trust in Bowen Therapy I now have regular maintenance sessions and have benefited from this for over five years.  As soon as any adverse symptoms appear they are dealt with and the treatment keeps me moving.”  WR, Hastings 

Back and knee pain

“I used to have pain in my lower back and right knee that affected my participation in sports and how easily I could walk up stairs or steps.  By having a regular monthly tune up of Bowen I have been pain free and have better flexibility in joints.  I am able to participate fully in sport and daily exercise.  Also I have enjoyed a reduction in stress levels with regular treatments.”  ST, Hastings

Frozen shoulder

“I had intense pain in left shoulder when I tried to raise my arm, however, since having Bowen Therapy my shoulder has completely improved to full rotation without pain.   

After some initial scepticism on hearing about the technique, my actual experience of the treatment proved beyond all doubt that for me and others that I know who have tried Bowen, it works.  I would recommend anyone with a joint or muscular problem to at least try the technique as it quite obviously works!  An additional benefit of the treatment is that it is extremely relaxing.”  DH, St Leonards on Sea 

Neck and shoulder

“I had a painful neck and shoulder with shooting pains down my arm making me unable to turn my head from side to side or raise my arm fully.  After having Bowen treatments I made a full recovery. 

Bowen is the most relaxing and gentle treatment I have known.  Not only does it treat your original ailment but discovers other ailments that you took for granted as being part of everyday life and treats those, leaving you even more mobile and agile at the end of a course of treatments.”  CB, Hastings